Music is a gift, and finding the right piano 鋼琴老師  teacher to experience and enjoy this magical gift is not an easy task. Whether a piano student is a beginner or already continuing his education, it is important to have a responsible and qualified piano teacher. At the initial level, the piano student’s musical and technical base is printed. At the middle level, the musical and technical base of the student in the piano class develops and strengthens. At an advanced level, a piano student prepares to become a freelance musician and thinker/performer. Therefore, a good piano teacher is of paramount importance at all stages of the student’s development. Some of the main factors that make a good piano teacher are qualifications, personality and teaching experience. These three main factors are described below in this article.

General qualification of piano teachers in Singapore

First of all, I would like to raise the issue of the different types of general musical qualifications of piano teachers in Singapore, which are usually taken into account when choosing a piano teacher. Singapore has two main external music exam boards where piano teachers can get their college education after grade 8: the Association Council of the Royal Music Schools (ABRSM) and Trinity Guildhall (Trinity). In the ABRSM program, three diploma levels, which are usually held by piano teachers, are listed in order of increasing qualifications:

  1. DipABRSM Performance
  2. LRSM Performance
  3. FRSM Performance

Similarly, in the Trinity program, the three levels of instruction usually followed by piano teachers are in order to increase their qualifications:

  1. ATCL features or ATCL examination
  2. Review of LTCL
  3. FTCL

In addition to the performance category for each program, there is also a category of the course, where the candidate mainly focuses on piano pedagogy. The expected level of piano playing for each skill level is, of course, higher in the interpretation category than in the lesson category. In general, as a piano teacher, you must first be well versed in the music or material that is taught before learning methods. Therefore, some piano teachers prefer to receive additional pedagogical diplomas of the same level after receiving diplomas in interpretation.

In addition to these degrees ABRSM and Trinity, piano teachers can have degrees such as Bachelor of Music, Master of Music and Doctor of Music. The frequently asked question is: how do these degrees compare to degrees?

According to the examination boards, DipABRSM Performance, ATCL Performance and ATCL Recital diplomas are roughly equivalent to “the performance component of the first year of a full-time undergraduate course at a conservatory or other educational institution. LRSM Performance and LTCL R’cital are degrees in which “the level of achievement is comparable to the level of achievement at the end of a full-time bachelor’s degree in a music conservatory or other institution. Higher education,” that is, a bachelor’s degree in piano music. FrSM performance and FTCL performance are degrees in which “the level of performance is equal to the level of performance at the end of full-time postgraduate studies at a conservatory or other higher education institution”, i.e. a master’s degree in piano performance.

However, diplomas and degrees are only an approximate equivalent, because in the curriculum, unlike the diploma, the student conducts several solo concerts and performances, whole years of teaching, not only practicing and memorizing various musical works, but also taking one of the supporting courses on history, theory, methodology, pedagogy, etc. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctor of music equates to depth of study, for example, bachelor’s degree , master’s or doctor of chemistry.

Personality and learning experience

Other important factors in choosing a piano teacher are the personality and experience of teaching. Patience is an important attribute for teachers, including piano teachers. It is good to have a dedicated piano teacher who is strict about musical expectations and requirements, but is friendly in nature, so that the student achieves musical progress, while being able to communicate and feel at home. It is absolutely unacceptable to beat a student disappointed by a piano teacher like an outlet! However, it is important that the student’s parents work closely with the piano teacher to bring discipline and attention to the child. Discipline and attention are important characteristics of progress in any subject, including playing the piano. The piano teacher must act as a friend and as a mentor and work towards a long-term goal of eventually turning a piano student into a musician and independent thinker.

Of course, teaching experience is also important for a piano teacher. However, the quality of teaching is just as important or in some ways more important than the amount of teaching experience that a teacher has.

And to top it all off

In conclusion of this article, once you find a qualified and good piano teacher who strives to develop the student’s musical skills, it is better to trust the piano teacher and stay with him for a while, as opposed to the ”jump teacher’. ‘A philosophy that seems fashionable in the world of education in Singapore, where the student changes teachers every few months. By teaching piano to a piano teacher for a certain period of time, he will gain a sense of continuity and purpose in his journey to achieving a long-term musical goal and dream.

Playing the piano will always be very nice. The music you can compose by pressing the piano keys can create an inspiring atmosphere not only for the audience, but also for the pianist himself. This is the reason why many people strive to develop such musical skills.

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