Yes, There’s A Right Way To Burn Incense Safely!

This inflammation was caused by the body processing particulate matter into metabolites, which also caused oxidative stress. This study also found an association between higher cancer risk and incense use. Most of these cancers were upper respiratory tract carcinomas or lung carcinomas.

The natural ingredients of herbs and spices can help improve your mental performance and stimulate new ideas. You might have noticed that almost every ayurvedic center and meditation place uses a good amount of incense sticks. Well, the agarbattis have strong properties that activate the body’s receptors. These components speed up the healing process, thus being beneficial for all humans. Also, Sandalwood incense sticks are believed to be beneficial in healing certain infections by surging keratin production, usually found on the outermost layer of the skin. The United States Environmental Protection Agency emphasizes that burning incense can indeed increase risks of certain health problems.

It promotes a sense of well-being and relaxes your mind, body, and soul with its exotic yet sweet scent. With a rise in stressed lifestyles, insomnia is also on the rise. And if you are someone who is suffering from sleeplessness then Agarbatti sticks can be a great solution for you.

These are the best incense sticks to incorporate into your self-care and spiritual rituals. The pleasant and soothing fragrance of Palo Santo has a calming effect and helps promote a shift in energy and uplifts the mood. When inhaled, the aroma runs through the brain’s olfactory system, inducing a relaxing response indian incense sticks from the body and helps fight sleep disorders. Lung SC, Kao MC, Hu SC. Contribution of incense burning to indoor PM10 and particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons under two ventilation conditions. In India, diethylphthalate is used extensively in the incense stick industry as a binder of perfumes.

Want to experience a good night’s sleep after all your workload in a day? Do this 30 minutes before bedtime so the aroma can spread in your room. Depending on the structure you have, an incense burner should be first ignited.