How To Convince Your Parents To Give You A Cat

It is well known that cats require their litter boxes to be cleaned daily or even after a few hours. Cats are creatures that value hygiene and have zero tolerance for dirty litter boxes. Although cats tend to be safer when inside, they can also get bored. Create a seductive indoor environment for your new cat. Open the shadows and set aside the perches to give your cat some “cat TV” to watch outside.

To avoid a sick cat and a smelly home, it is recommended to clean your litter boxes every two to three weeks or twice a week if you are not using binder litter. Although expensive, self-cleaning litter boxes are a great investment if you have a busy schedule or multiple cats. And it’s true: a cat does not need walks, a leash or poop bags. They don’t fly or swim or live in a tank or cage, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need attention. From basic vaccinations and regular checkups to nutrition, grooming, litter changes and entertainment, cats need care if they want to live a happy and healthy life. In this blog, we discuss the basics that every responsible cat owner should know.

While a standard shoebox and old shoelace are usually enough to meet your entertainment needs, don’t hesitate to buy the occasional squeaky toy mouse, feather toy, or catnip. Cats, especially if they were wild or if you took them out of a shelter, can be nervous and anxious. New sounds, new smells, and new behaviors can make them even more nervous.

Apparently, he struggled to put the food in his mouth and would eventually give up. With the new bowls, all of our cats are quickly done with their food. You also have to take into account the care of the cat. Promise your parents that you’ll get up early in the morning to do things like feed your cat and change their litter box. Tell your parents that you will give your cat a clean bed and keep the litter box in your room or garage. You’ll want one of these bad guys to keep repulsing during the spring!

We recommend a ceramic or metal plate for water, as plastic water housings are not always a safe choice. If you have multiple cats, you’ll want to have more than one plate of food and water so your pets don’t become overprotective of food or water. Choose a place for the sandbox that is relatively quiet and away from high-traffic areas, but easily accessible. Bathrooms aren’t ideal because a washer or dryer that turns on and off can put your cat off when preparing to urinate or defecate.

You should pass all food and water bowls through the dishwasher at least once a week. 🙀 All cat owners struggle to keep up with the cat hair floating in our homes. Take this time to stay informed about cat hair removal. While cats may be more reserved Hooded litter box than doggos, that doesn’t mean they love you any less! Return your cat’s affection with regular personalized attention. Whether your cat is left alone or you like constant hugs, your undivided attention is a crucial part of being a pawesome pet parent.

In addition, scratching posts help keep your cat’s paws healthy and free of overgrown or infected claws. Litter box Place the litter box in a quiet place that is free of frequent activity and invest in good odorless cat litter. If your cat urinates out of the litter box after training, it is usually a sign of a dirty litter box or urinary tract infections. If the litter box is fresh and still occurs urinating on the floor, take it to the vet immediately.7. Toys, toys, toys Most cats are playful, curious and need stimulation.