Belt Warmers

The internal elements are fully embedded in highly composite high temperature ceramic insulation. Several options are available, including mica, ceramics, high watt density and extruded aluminum heaters. Mica belts provide better thermal conductivity, that ceramic belts use radiant heat instead of conductive heat. The vast majority of belt heaters are held on the outside of a cylinder.

It should be noted that squeezing a ceramic heater too much increases the pressure on the ceramic fiber mat, thereby reducing insulating efficiency. Heats the plastic in the three areas of feed, transition and measuring screw. The heating in the input area is located directly behind the mouthpiece and consists of the first third of the total length of the heating cylinder. The correct temperature is 5 to 10 ° C lower than the mouthpiece temperature. In the transition or compaction zone, the heating is controlled by a series of heating belts (usually 3 to 6 tires).

Ceramic belt heaters are high temperature heating elements that are durable and now available with 1/4 “or 1/2” insulation. The resistance steel wire tape used in mica belt warmers is not limited to the possibilities of the nicromen wire. The internal winding has been carefully designed to ensure even heat distribution throughout the mica tire heater. To maximize contact from surface to surface, our mica belt warmers are carefully rounded and shaped to optimize your grip.

Three-phase wiring is available with all types of insulation, construction styles and clamping variations. Inverted ceramic belt warmers are intended to allow the outer surface of the belt to heat the inner surface of a cylinder. Thin one-piece lenses, flexible with stainless steel overfinger at one end, separate strap. After installing a new mica belt heater, we recommend that you return to it after 15 minutes of use.

For the processor, this means that the higher the vessel’s inlet temperature, the less energy the process needs. Therefore, there is a strong argument to use the latest drying technology that allows you to adjust the residence time to the output to have the most profitable operation. The Shell Overlap design is the preferred method of delivering a thermocouple mounting hole in a ceramic belt heater. It is available with all types of insulation, architectural styles, mounting and finishing variations. Two-part flexible tips with stainless steel hose, clamping tabs . Two-part terminals, located next to each other at one end of each half, with terminal tabs .

Two-part terminals, located on two lines at one end of each half, separate band. Two-part flexible tips with stainless Mica Bands steel overfinger, clamping tabs . Two-piece flexible points with stainless steel hose and separate strap.

Machine heating must be switched on by a physical switch or by a switch on a screen before the machine starts to warm up. If a “soft start” function is available and selected, the heating belts will heat up more slowly. If a “soft start” function is available and selected, the heating belts are heated slowly. Dryers offer a very high efficiency (up to 98%) when heated, because they are well insulated and heat the resin directly. The cutting effect and the barrel heating belts, on the other hand, heat the resin less efficiently (about 60%).