9 Incredible Experiences In Luxor, The Valley Of Kings And Queens

Or, if your guide offers to buy the water, give them the money later. They will be charged a cheaper local price than they would have to pay as a tourist. C. While there is not much left of this period, it is absolutely fascinating to learn and see how much the country progressed and grew. From the construction of the first pyramid in the third dynasty to the carving of the Rosetta stone in 196 a. The conquest of Egypt by the Arabs in 642 and the invasion of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798.

Rajab was an excellent guide and made sure we had an unforgettable tourist experience through Luxor. He is a very expert Egyptologist and is responsible for explaining important details about the country’s history. It helped us navigate through graves, markets and museums. We chose the tour in the West Bank to the east and west and it was worth seeing places like the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens and the Karnak temples.

A visit to the White Desert generally includes a quick visit to the Black Desert and the Bahariya oasis. On the shore of Lake Nasser is one of Egypt’s most striking monuments, the double temples of Abu Simbel. Built more than 3,000 years ago by Ramses II, these temples have stood the test of time.

We work with a local travel company, Traveline Egypt, during our country trips. Having local connections on the ground can provide peace of mind and helpful advice when planning your Luxor Egypt route. His help was crucial so that we can leave Egypt during the closure Luxor day trips Hurghada of Covid-19 2020. Take a break from Luxor’s ancient history and enjoy a traditional meal at a local home in this rewarding 3-hour experience. Travel with a local guide to the Luxor countryside and welcome to a friendly home for a delicious, typical Egyptian dinner.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the ‘largest open-air museum in the world’ and see the temples, graves, spectacular deserts and river landscapes?? The main attractions are located on both sides of the Nile, east and west of the coast, and include amazing must-see sites that make you wonder how times and generations have evolved. “Great half-day experience with a hot air balloon, 8 balloons went up, a boat trip and sandwiches. Impressive views. Shaimaa was a guide, a private tour with a private bus. Great guide, friendly, welcoming and genuine.”