There are many options to choose from when you consider which home bleaching product is right for you. Reducing your budget, the desired duration of treatment and bleaching goals will help you choose. Talk to your dentist about over-the-counter products they would recommend given your unique oral health. There are a few ways to stretch your bleach dollar: maintain a solid oral care routine and avoid coloring drinks and food, such as coffee and red wine. The speed at which bleaching products work at home depends on the type of application and the frequency of use.

You should know that non-professional teeth whitening treatments cannot provide the same level of results as your dentist’s teeth whitening sessions. Contradictory options have a very low power, so it is based on their degree of embezzlement and whether they have restaurants, etc., the final dental color may be visibly uneven. The use of these products can also cause inflamed gums and sensitive Zahnarzt Thun teeth. Of course, dentists perform bleaching treatments at the office within minutes, but because of COVID it is difficult to get to your dentist. The good news is that there are some effective options you can try at home if there is no appointment . While teeth whitening may sound daunting in itself, effortless pens, simple strips and easy-to-fill trays, don’t light up your smile.

The hydrogen peroxide you buy from pharmacies or pharmacies is diluted to about 3%. This percentage can reach up to 10% in many of the teeth whitening products on the market. Dentists believe that dilution is good because a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide can destroy the enamel on your teeth. Therefore, only use diluted portions and also for short periods to prevent dental damage. This is because long-term use of even diluted portions can still damage your teeth.

However, for intrinsic stains, the surfaces under the glaze are involved. They require bleaching, a chemical reaction that changes the color of the tooth. The stain category affects the type, length and number of treatments required to achieve the desired result. It is generally about teeth whitening, which can be effective in severe discoloration.

When you apply the gel side of these plastic strips to your teeth, the peroxide-based solution penetrates your enamel for results that can last for several months. The main differences between these two chemicals are that hydrogen peroxide breaks down faster and has a shorter life than carbamide peroxide. A dentist can recommend carbamide peroxide for a home device that will be used for a long time. For example, some foods such as tea or coffee can stain your icing.