One of your favorite furniture tricks is to use a storage stool instead of a coffee table to provide additional seating and at the same time storage space for blankets and magazines. The key, however, is to refashion the ottoman in your mind as a work of art or “statement” piece; it’s worth the investment if it’s something you love and adds color and character to the room. “Complement it with a fresh flower tray and your TV remote for a finished look,” she suggested.

However, this can be overwhelming, and over time, the blurring of the space can make things look messy.Do it is best to define separate areas and give each area a specific purpose. Place clothing and shoe racks next to the door to complete your entrance. Place a buffet between your kitchen and the dining room to make it easy to serve and create additional storage space.

In addition, Houzz offers you the opportunity to meet professionals in your field such as designers, architects and dealers to complete your project. Interior designer Tara Bernerd agrees that there’s a general movement toward sophistication, but it’s a more relaxed version of sophistication than ever before. “While this feeling of luxury is still very important, don’t we all want something that feels accessible now?”Says Tara.

If your floor has construction quality, opt for a heavier carpet to increase the weight. Below are six tips to help your designer create the perfect custom house plan for your family. If there is little space for extras piccadilly grand and less space for stacking all your favorite items, you need to embellish everything. Here Anthony Dunning turned an ordinary old refrigerator into a design option by equipping it with removable wallpaper.

The structures that house the closed cabinets and the cabinets, with their light and Moderna plywood surfaces, not only give a fresh and smooth design expression, but also offer smart and functional solutions to the space problem. The partial rolling of the double bed into an opening at the top of the wardrobe opens up space for daily activities and also ensures a comfortable sofa. If you create your floor plans with interior design software, editing your layout will be easy. At first glance it may seem that open living is the right way to decorate a small apartment.

NCDA designers contrasted the deep blue of the walls with the clear presence of the wainscoting and decorative patterns, creating a high visual impact with the mezzanine of this small tree house in Hong Kong. The pine-lined sleeping area offers a cozy bedroom level suspended above the central area. The front wall is designed as a wooden decoration with a geometric pattern and Moderna expressive lights. This unique solution and the artistic vision behind the additional structure will become a memorable decorative element of the design composition rather than a heavy addition. A native of Los Angeles, the 39-year-old designer, who now lives in San Francisco, prides himself on creating living spaces that appeal to the personality, preferences and experiences of his clients. Now he is releasing his first book, The Curated Home, which introduces readers to his design process and educates them on how to create a timeless, curated interior that will satisfy their aesthetic tastes for years to come.

The use of technologies to automate the movements of an interior design team allows interior designers to devote more time to design. Ivy’s mobile application allows you to perform many tasks, regardless of where you are. Get materials, carry out projects, monitor time and costs, calculate rooms in real time.

This small house is only 13 square meters in size, but offers a large-scale living experience thanks to the designers of Studiomama. The cozy and elegant decor includes some very clever architectural solutions to expand the sense of space: the bright color scheme, the movable furniture and the multitasking of the purpose are just some of them. Due to the fact that there was no room for a real sofa in this mini-house, the designers ingeniously covered an interior segment of the cabinets, and voilà – a cozy reading niche – with soft upholstery. And even the lower drawers are movable, turning into a comfortable footstool. This mini sofa solution with its colorful upholstery on the walls, cushions and backrest fits very well with the rest of Serine’s design for the small home.