You can never take the doll to dinner, talk to her or hug her. If you start doing such things, you may have problems and you may need therapy. Keep in mind that sex dolls from the sex doll factory are just for your sexual pleasure at a time when you are all alone. In case of incorrect use, it is possible that it has a bad impact on your life.

Still, silicone sex dolls can still be pinched, although there will be remarkable hardness compared to TPE plastic No other silicone sex doll manufacturer offers you the wide spectrum of body types for silicone sex dolls such as BBdoll. Regardless of your preferences, BBdoll gives you the precise love doll of your dreams to meet your company and sexual satisfaction needs. Whether you’re looking for teenage dolls or BBW sex plugs, skinny sex dolls, big breast sex dolls or small breast sex dolls, you can find it all under one roof and at affordable prices. Since the sale of sex dolls has skyrocketed in recent years, traders and manufacturers around the world have been trying to find suitable materials and ways to design sex toys. Manufacturers have done many experiments to discover exactly the type of material that is perfect for making life-size sex dolls.

Because the texture of their skin is so real, silicone sex dolls provide a truly tactile experience for their user. The most cumbersome part of all life like sex doll sex toys is their need to provide for their maintenance. No matter if it’s a cheap dildo or an expensive sex doll, our adult toys need good care.

These can be elf ears, goblinors, different mouths or a completely unique appearance for the entire wrist. Sex toys made of silicone are completely different from other toys on the market. It is an inactive manufactured element that is heat resistant and has the same texture as rubber. It is free from substances that combine with plastic to make them flexible and last longer, as they are believed to contain chemicals and cause carcinogenic and mutagenic effects on their skin. Certain sex toys that are cheaper on the market still have these substances that may or may not cause skin damage. Our wrists are human in size, fully articulated thanks to a metal and aluminum skeleton.

TPE love dolls are generally good value for money with a lower budget. However, if you want to spend more than $ 2,500, you can definitely go for a silicone sex doll. He’s talked a little bit about maintenance and cleaning and seems to prefer silicone for ease of use, while TPE is easy enough to maintain when you know what you’re doing. I am interested in a first purchase and I don’t know what I am doing! My limited experience is with full-size onaholes and torsos, both composed of TPE materials. I realized that it is almost impossible to clean them properly.

It is recommended to clean and care for the sex dolls as often as possible. TPE is more likely to stain and because it moves and shakes it is more difficult to clean hard-to-reach areas. However, we present here a comprehensive guide on how to take care of your realistic TPE sex doll.